Lyn Garling

Although she never lived on a farm growing up, Lyn always had a passion for…cattle. After years of tending big gardens and working on rented land, she finally bought her own farm in 1997. Today, Over the Moon Farm in Rebersburg, Pennsylvania, raises pigs, chickens and cows. Visit Lyn at


Kim Tait

Kim and her husband David ran Tait Farm together until he passed away in 1997. Kim faced a big decision: to stay and keep running the farm, or to go. Kim decided to continue the work they had begun and today, Tait Farm is a successful business that includes its own line of value-added food products, a community supported agriculture program, a greenhouse and more. Visit Kim at


Elly Hushour

Raised in Mexico City and suburban New Jersey, Elly never dreamed she'd ever be a farmer. But after learning about the health benefits of goat's milk, and becoming involved in showing goats, she decided to start her own farm. Patches of Star Dairy in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, now makes a variety of products, including goat's milk, cheese and meat. Visit Elly every market day at her stand at New York City's famous Union Square Green Market.


Suzy Chavie

After living in the suburbs of St. Paul and working at the Target Corporation headquarters for 14 years, Suzy decided she'd had enough. In 2005 she moved her family to Hastings, Minnesota, where she started Original Organics Farm (now River Bluff Organic Farm). She sells organic fruits and vegetables at local health food stores and farmers markets, and has started her own CSA., which has been wildly successful!


Rebecca Claypool

As a farm manager for Tait Farm, Rebecca made the decisions about what to plant, where to plant and when to plant. Rebecca helped run Community Harvest, Tait's community supported agriculture (CSA) project, and brought Tait Farm back to the State College farmer's market. Rebecca now lives in Wisconsin, where she is earning a Master's Degree in Agroecology, and working to start her own farm.


Amy Trauger, Ph.D.

Amy grew up on farms in Minnesota and studied geography at the University of Minnesota. While earning her doctorate at Pennsylvania State University, Amy founded the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network to help connect, educate and support women farmers. She is now an assistant professor of Geography at the University of Georgia in Athens.


Carolyn Sachs, Ph.D.

Carolyn is a leading expert on issues of agriculture, gender and rural socialogy. She is a professor of rural sociology at Pennsylvania State University and has authored several books on the subject. She helped found the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network and continues to lead the women's agricultural community in Pennsylvania across the country.